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Warrior or Shopkeeper Negotiator?

The current tensions caused India-China confrontation over Dokalam has been effectively defused with both parties reverting to the original status quo.

Worldwide acclaim was flowing for India's finest foreign affairs coups.
While China was belligerent, threatening, sabre rattling and vocal, India stood her ground and remained firm with quiet dignity.

Both  India and China are nuclear powers, huge militaries,  with large economies and populations  glared at one another eyeball to eyeball.

The Indian armed forces displayed its readiness and firmness which helped to stare down the aggressive Chinese.

Even though effectively separated from one another by the massive Himalayan mountain range.  Its one of the most difficult terrains in the world to traverse, leave alone conduct a war.
When egos overshadow reason,  an uncontrollable confrontation becomes a real and frightening possibility.

The Chinese are a disciplined and hardworking people and their leadership is very astute and have …

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