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My son, you belong to me..

45 years young, Arvind Kejriwal became the 7th chief minister of Delhi State in India as the head of the 13 month old Aam Admi party (The common man's party). People are full of hope for at last they see a glimmer of change for the better.

Many people call him a maverick and a significant majority of Indians are in awe of Kejriwal. Sadly his former mentor Anna Hazare does not appear to be one of the awestruck. 

It is true that two years ago not many Indians knew of Arvind Kejriwal, when he became a member of the core team of Anna Hazare during the nation wide agitation and fight against rampant corruption. 

Kejriwal's principled and courageous yet dignified approach propelled him into the limelight earning him nationwide admiration and support.  It also exposed him to the world of seedy politics as practiced by many Indian political parties and leaders. 

Anna Hazare, amazing in his own way seeks to influence change through the existing political players seeking to only tweak the c…

Chasing Dogs & Stalking Cats.

I advise and assist various individuals and organisations on improving their performance and luckily I frequently achieve good results.

I wonder what my students and clients would say if they learnt that some of my theories came from observing animals?

We may claim that man is intellectually a more evolved creature, yet deep down we still possess many animalistic tendencies and therefore act as programmed by our survival instincts and social conditioning.

Here is an example from my own life.

Exceptional circumstances demand exceptional responses. Desperate people drowning in problems will reach out at anything and everything they can grasp to stop them from sinking.

Not long ago I experienced a painful separation from my brothers, the loss of my business and all my savings. Getting a job was not for me. I am too independent spirited to be dictated to. Desperately I sought new opportunities and avenues for survival and revival.

I pursued almost every opportunity that came my way and tried…