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Attack Problems not People

Attack Problems, 
Not People

When gasoline was dirt cheap

Standard Oil Refinery -1910
When Gasoline/Petrol was so Cheap it was Worthless 

During the early days of Standard Oil (this was before cars became popular), kerosene was the name of the game. Gasoline /petrol, a by-product of petroleum distillation to produce kerosene, didn't have much demand. It was a cheap product used to treat lice and a solvent to remove grease stains from clothing ... In fact, gas was so cheap that oil companies used to dump it in rivers!

Wanted for treason or President?

If you are sincere and work for the larger good of the people, do not make money for yourself or other backers then you are a liability. You will most likely be tried and executed. 

If you wheel and you deal, and if you fake your sincerity and make yourself and other backers fabulously rich you will be wanted to be made the head of state. 

What do you want to do?

Stabbing His Own Heart

Stabbing His Own Heart

Werner Theodor Otto Forssmann, a German surgical trainee in 1929, is famous for an experiment he performed on himself. 
He proposed a procedure but he was scorned. He believed in the approach so passionately and unable to get permission by the authorities to try it out he performed the procedure on himself.
Without any direction, he put himself under local anesthetic, incised a hole in his arm and pushed a catheter all the way up his limb and shoved it into his heart. He performed the procedure on himself with two feet of cable after which he walked to the X-ray room. He was fired after this so called stunt, but was awarded the 1956 Nobel Prize for Medicine for developing a procedure that allowed for cardiac catheterization.
If you wish to learn about the amazing life of this great man please visit Werner_Forssmann