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Should I ask for permission or forgiveness?

Better to ask for forgiveness, rather than ask for permission.

People who have the capabilities and responsibility to get things done are invariably slowed down or even severely handicapped by people who retain all authority and control resources.

Visualise a typical organisational problem.
It is very important for you to get something done urgently. You ask for permission to higher authorities to act. Dithering takes place and either no decision is given to you or you are not allowed to proceed.  You are responsible and you see the situation deteriorating rapidly and you feel compelled to do something. What do you do?

Basically there are three options
1. Do nothing 
2. Hold fort and plead once again for permission
3. Act without permission.

Only option 3 will probably deliver results. The decisive, action oriented person acts. If results are favourable and the objectives met, then one is contented, and successful. The worst that can happen is some sensitive bureaucrat's ego would have be…

You want to be a free thinker?

Are you sure, you want to be a free thinker?

The primary focus of those in power is to conserve the status quo and to enhance their personal wealth and power.

Those who are wealthy and powerful will do all they can to preserve and enhance it. They hate anyone to bring changes, for change can bring about unforeseen consequences.

All changes originate with new thoughts and ideas. Therefore a person with differing ideas, style, and manner represents a danger. Danger has to be met and nipped in the bud.

The beauty and the problem with Gurus, mystics, genuine philosophers, artists, free thinkers, and other creative people is, they cannot help themselves.  They feel compelled to express themselves, their thoughts and do exactly what they believe in.

They are insanely courageous. They cannot be subdued nor can they be corrupted. They can only be destroyed. Unfortunately that is usually their fate. 

Their families and their possessions may be taken away from them, and their bodies destroyed, but th…