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How to make a lie, seem like a truth?

"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."

~ Adolf Hitler

"The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success."
~ Adolf Hitler _____________________
Ref: The quotes are from 'War Propaganda", chapter 6, volume 1' of Mein Kampf (1925), by Adolf Hitler

Today is 30th April. Its the death anniversary of that infamous mann Adolf Hitler. It is a day to remind everyone about a lot of bad things that have happened.

Hitler who wreaked havoc and caused massive destruction and immense human suffering was a democratically elected head of the German State.  Then he manipulated the system to gain absolute control of Germany and German peo…

The Curse of Socialism

My journey to understand began with the question, 'What has hobbled India's re-emergence as a great nation,   in spite of being re-independent for past 70 years?'
There are probably many reasons, but one dominating and disturbing cause is India's adoption of Western Socialism. An alien and foreign ideology sought to be imposed on India and all Indians.

We are often told that we are world's largest democracy. Actually we are the world's largest socialist democratic republic. So if our leaders have chosen socialism it must be good for us? Right? 
Wrong. No its not. Socialism is a curse not only for India but for the whole world.

Don't believe it? 

Lets start with, what is Socialism?

Socialismis a range of political, economic and social systems where everything is owned in common by all people, and supposedly everyone is equal. Everything will be owned by the state and its arms. 

Utopian it may sound, in reality it is extremely elitist. It in…

Magic 10,000. - Secret of Champions and Masters.

We often do not know about what made it possible but we spot talent and mastery in individuals only when it suddenly erupts forth on the global stage.

Infinite research has been carried out and countless tomes have been written, trying to answer the question, "what is it that makes people so incredibly talented and achieve mastery?"

While DNA and upbringing is important, the most important are belief, passion, and hard work.

Called the '10 years Rule', by Herbert Simon the Nobel Prize winner in Economics provides us an answer.

A study by 'High performance Anthropologist' Rasmus Ankerson corroborates this 10 year rule with the 10,000 hours, and the 10,000 cycles rule.

Mastery comes from repeatedly practicing something and learning from each session and every hour of practice. 
Let's look at some examples. 
Nadia Com─âneci, the first person to ever win ever perfect scores in gymnastics. This feat she achieved at the 1976 Montreal Olympics at …

Albert Einstein, the dopey one.

"The intuitive mind is a gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have crafted a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift"

~ Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein (1879 -1955) was slow in learning how to talk. Even after he had begun using words, sometime after the age of 2, he developed a quirk that prompted the family maid to dub him "der Depperte", the dopey one.

So worried were his parents that they consulted a doctor to know if Einstein had a mental deficiency.  He soon revealed hidden mental strengths. He was good at certain mental sciences, great with puzzles and loved playing the violin.

Einstein was a mediocre student at school. He detested the way of learning at school where he had to memorise so many facts and figures and he hated the stern authority of the oppressive teachers. At age 16 Einstein's parents sent him to another school at Aarau where educational reformer Johann Pestalozzi used a new method of emphasising learning throu…

Why Tibetan freedom is crucial?

When a nation has been led by an incompetent, weak or fractured political leadership then other nations are bound to take advantage. As has China taken advantage of India.
Since independence and until recently, Indian leadership seriously lacked strategic thinking and understanding of international affairs. It considered international diplomacy to mean as strutting around, delivering moralistic lectures to others, and being extremely timid on all matters.
China invaded and occupied Tibet in 1950 and India timidly accepted this immoral and illegal brazen act. India's refusal to see the writing on the wall and arm itself cost it very heavy.
Then in 1962 an emboldened China invaded India and illegally occupied 38,000 sq. kms of Indian territory and has extracted from Pakistan a further 5180 sq. kms of Indian territory in Jammu and Kashmir, which it had illegally occupied. China under veiled threats of use of force, has been consistently demanding  a further 90,000 sq. kms of Indian …

Power of the mind - The Placebo effect

Be it sports, music, business, military or politics, top performance in any field is always the result of a large component of self-belief. 

Doubts by contrast, can poison any performance. One of the main reasons for people failing to realise their potential is, they doubt their own abilities.

The most famous evidence of power of belief is to be found in the field of medicine. The placebo effect phenomenon is often quoted. 

In 1957, the psychologist Bruno Klopfer, presented his renowned report 'Psychological Variables in Human Cancer'. It describes a patient referred to as 'Mr. Wright' who suffered from an advanced stage of cancer. Mr. Wright had advanced lymph sarcoma with tumours the size of oranges in his neck, groin, chest and armpits. He had already exhausted all known treatments and all the doctors expected Mr. Wright to die in the not too distant future. 

Nevertheless, Mr. Wright was confident that a new anti-cancer drug called Krebiozen, would cure him. Dr. Klopfer…

Last thoughts and words of Emperor Aurangzeb

The 6th Mughal emperor of India, Aurangzeb was a brave but cruel man. While he was an excellent military leader, he was a weak administrator with poor understanding of economics. As a result he landed up being dependent on corrupt, fanatical people who only hungered for power and wealth.

Aurangzeb's lust for power was insatiable. In this quest he spared no one, imprisoning his own father, and slaughtering his brothers and nephews. He inherited an expanding empire which permitted him to rule the largest area of the Mughal empire's history, before he led it into decline. 

He felt that his actions had probably made him repugnant to the people and his legitimacy to rule would always be questioned. So he adopted a frugal life style and tried to be a good Muslim to appease the powerful clerics, soldiers, noblemen and the muslim public, which would allow him to rule effectively.

Like many other misguided men he came to believed that Islam meant only violent, subjugation and persecution.…