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Giving Unsolicited Advice or Help

Often wondered why advice and assistance is seldom appreciated?
It is the nature of things that everything flows from a higher level to a lower level, from surplus to a deficit. 
People rarely seek advice or assistance, because  almost every individual thinks that he or she is the cleverest person in the world. Who knows? They might even be.  
'So if I am cleverer than you, I really do not want or need your advice. However I will tolerate your  insolence because you are my parent, boss, customer, teacher, spouse, partner, financier etc.' They hear but they do not listen and hence do not absorb the advice.
Experience is a harsh teacher, but its beauty is it drains us of our bloated egos and cleverness. This in turn compels us to open our minds to become receptive to other ideas and even assistance and we even actively solicit it. When people become thirsty they will ask for and gratefully accept and consume whatever will quench their thirst. Similarly until a person realises that he…

We know everything about you

We know what you are, what you did, and also what you will do. 

Psychometrics, a data-driven sub-branch of psychology.

We are all competing with one another, as individuals, groups, organisations and nations. If one can get hold of information and analyse it correctly, that can be used to deadly advantage over competitors and enemies. Those who have this capability, will possess great strategic leverage.
This capability or weapon is 'Psychometrics'. Psychometrics, sometimes also called psychographics, focuses on measuring psychological traits, such as personality. In the 1980s, two teams of psychologists developed a model that sought to assess human beings based on five personality traits, known as the 'Big 5' or the acronym OCEAN These are:  Openness (how open you are to new experiences?), Conscientiousness (how much of a perfectionist are you?), Extroversion (how sociable are you?), Agreeableness (how considerate and cooperative you are?) and Neuroticism (are you easily u…